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Sage 100 Sales Order Web Entry

Online Sales Order Entry for Sage 100

Simplify the Sales Order Entry process for salespersons by giving them a secured online web portal where they can enter new customer orders, check inventory availability and perform other data inquiries.

Integrated seamlessly with Sage 100, Online Sales Order Entry is a cloud solution for Sage 100 that puts the information and capability they need to increase sales and remotely access key information from a secured online web portal.

Easy & Affordable

Online Sales Order Entry for Sage 100 is designed for easy data entry and makes the entry and management of Sales Orders efficient and flexible.  Using a tested and true web entry user interface, salespersons login to your sales portal and can enter new Sales Orders and view the status of existing orders.  Each user gets access to the portal with an affordable monthly charge and security can be customized to grant or restrict access to selected information and functions.

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Cloud Based

Online Sales Order Entry for Sage 100 is a cloud based sales tool from Tekoa Software.  Your Sage 100 can live in the cloud or at your facility and be integrated with this unique and powerful online sales order tool.  Increase sales and efficiency of the sales process by giving salespersons this state of the art online sales order management tool for Sage 100.

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Sage 100 Integrated

Our unique Sage 100 sync technology keeps your online Sales Order portal up to date and seamlessly integrated with Sage 100, hands-free, meaning there is no manual process involved for the end user.  Simply enter or edit Sales Orders in the online portal and have those new orders reflected in your Sage 100 software.  This solution offers cost savings and efficiency for today's cloud enabled enterprise.

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