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Sage 100 Production Management

Tracking production costs on the manufacturing floor can be a catch-22 becasue staff need to remain productive while at the same time taking the time to record the progress of the manufacturing process so time, materials and costs can be known.  

Tekoa's Make To Order Manufactring add-on for Sage 100 is a state of the art Production Tracking system that makes it quick and easy for production floor staff to input transactions and at the same time track the production of Customer specific Sales Order Items so the rest of the organization knows the status and location of production as it flows through the manufacturing process.

Using handheld barcode mobile devices production floor staff can scan a single barcode on production Tickets or Travellers to record progress, assign costs, print labels or documents, and more.

Sage 100 Manufacturing




Sales Order


Track Raw Material Costs for Production.  Issue, auto-transfer product needed for manufacturing of finished goods.

Track Actual or Standard Labor costs for Production.  Know the location and status of Production by Sales Order.  

Apply Fixed or Variable Overhead amounts to Production automatically and know the overhead costs of manufacturing.

Manufacture product to Customer specification and individual Sales Order.  Know profitability and process History per Order.

Designed for simple Production Floor input using barcode scanners so staff can remain productive while also tracking progress.

Material Tracking

Bill of Materials have raw material components that need to be transferred to production locations or issued into work in process.  Tekoa's Make To Sales Order Manufacturing makes it quick and easy for production floor staff to move material to where it is needed.  Using handheld mobile devices with barcode scanners, keep accurate records of raw materials.

Production LAbor

One function of Production Routes is to define the steps necessary for the manufacturing of a finished good product.  Using handheld mobile barcode devices production floor staff or managers can streamline the time entry with easy scanning of completed Labor route steps.

Overhead Costs

Automatically apply fixed and variable overhead manufacturing costs to your production process to capture the costs associated with production per unit or per run.

Make To Sales Order

Use unlimited product Options to configure highly customized or even completely unique finished good products on a Sales Order.  Then Release and track the production of those customized products using the Sales Order as the source for understanding the status and profitability of each product made.


Customize manufacturing Routes with Automatic or Manual steps.  Automatic steps allow manufacturing to be streamlined for maximum efficiency and ease of use and Steps are automatically performed when launched.